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High quality konjac glue

High quality konjac glue
Product Detailed

1,Viscosity 31000-40000
2,Mesh 40-160

konjac is a kind of renascent herbaceous plant, which mainly grows in the subtropical mountain or hilly areas. There are about 170 kinds of Konjac in the world and about 20 kinds of Konjac in China. The main ingredient of Konjac is Konjac gum, also termed as or Konjac glucomannan(KGM), KGM is a kind of macromolecule polysaccharide is a kind of dietary fiber which is based on konjac flour being obtained from the tuber of amorphophallus konjac by purification process. Konjac glucomanan powder is pure soluble fiber, none protein, none fat, none sugar, none starch.


1. Water-solubility: Konjac powder can easily be dispersed both in hot and cold water, moreover, the water absorbency can reach to more than a hundredfold. The solution is the non-plastic liquid. The dissolving speed can increase with the improvement of the granularity. Forms a highly viscous solution with pH values between 5.0 and 7.0

2. Increasing dense ability: The excellent thickening attribute is determined by the big molecular weight and hydration ability and non-electric characteristic. The viscidity of the 1% solution of Konjac powder can reach to 1000 mPas. The highest can reach to 50000 mPas. The mixture with other gums can improve the viscidity further.

3. Gelling attribute: Swells slowly in water until a gel owning a high resistance to crushing and a high tensile strength is formed. Owns synergetic effects together with carrageenan, guar gum and xanthan gum

4. Safe edible history and legal position: Konjac has been applied to vegetable and medicine in China more than 1500 years. FDA has determined that the food mixing material, which was made of Konjac powder, is GRAS, and the food mixing material also can be used in meat products according to the permission of USDA, and FCC has the corresponding standard of Konjac powder. The Konjac powder can be used as food stabilizer, suspending agent, thickening agent, emulsifier, and attribute improving agent and so on. The Konjac powder has been approved by the European union to be used in the food production (DIRECTIVE 98/72/EC). Please look up the formal bulletin of the European union on 4, November, 1998(the number is L295127, E-425). The maximum dosage is 10 g/Kg


Main Function:

1.It could reduce postprandial glycemia, blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

2.It could control appetite and reduce body weight.

3.It could increase insulin sensitivity.

4.It could control insulin resistant syndrome and diabetesII development.

5.It could reduce heart disease.



1. Food industry: It could be made out to gelling food, used as the food thickening agent and adherence agent such as the jelly ,ice cream, gruel, meat, flour food, solid drink, jam, etc.

2. Health care industry : It does good at modulating lipid metabolism , declining serum triglyceride and cholesterol, improving sugar resistance, preventing diabetes, relieving constipation, preventing intestines cancer, producing no energy, preventing fatness ,modulating immunity function.

3. Chemical industry: It could be applied to the chemical industry such as petroleum, dye printing cataplasm, terra film, diaper, medicine capsule, etc due to it’s high viscidity, good fluidity and big molecular weight of 200,000 up to 2,000,000.


Our Fined Kanjac Powder is with high viscosity, pure white and transparent, it’s also with high nutrition and utilitarian value through our scientific process engineering, advanced processing equipment and strict management criterion.

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