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The old high quality konjac powder

The old high quality konjac powder
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1. konjac root fiber,
2. be propitious Improve to constipation
3. Natural health care product.
4. Improve Gastroi
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konjac dietary fiber powder is one of the food grade  products in the world. 

 Glucomannan is a fiber, a water-soluble polysaccharide, which has been marketed not only for weight loss, but also constipation, high cholesterol, type2 diabetes and acne. Glucomannan is obtained from the corm, or roots of the Konjac plant, which is also known as devils tongue, elephant yam, snake plant and Konjac. It is native in Japan, Asia, Indonesia and China. 

encouraged fecal regularity

left individuals feeling full (satiety)

they ate less calories. 

It is quite easy to conclude that Glucomannan is an excellent dietary fiber source, and is a first-rate supplement; to add to any sensible weight loss program, as it helps you feel satisfied when you have eaten your meal, and stops cravings between meals.

One of the best product, body-beauty product, belonging to Araceae, Konjac is a general name of the Amorphophallus species, also known as Moyu, Guiyu, Guitou, Hualiangan and Sheliugu, etc    Konjac is a delicacy. One poem by Emperor Ming of Qi Dynasty was adapted in the “Treatise on the Names, Facts and Illustrations of Plants”: “Looking at konjac, all parts of it are herbs; it is native to Hainan and can curb starvation”. From this, the edible value of konjac can be seen. The underground tubers of konjac have a round shape and look like big water chestnuts. Their diameters can be over 25 cm. With rich nutrients, konjac has a starch content of 35%, a protein content of over 3%, as well as multiple vitamins and such minerals as potassium, phosphorus, selenium, etc. Besides, it also contains a content of over 45% of Polysaccharide Konjac, i.e. glucomanno glycan gum, which is needed by the human body. It is characterized by low calorie, low fat and high fiber. In addition to a delicious and pleasant taste, konjac food has many effects, such as losing weight, keeping fit, treating disease and anti-cancer, therefore it has become popular around the world in the recent years, reputed as “Magical Food”, “Marvelous Food” and “Healthy Food”. It is also praised as precious natural healthy food by WHO and has earned a good reputation of “Intestinal scavenger and iron broom” in Japan. From the nutritional point of view, konjac is a kind of food featured by low calorie, low protein, low vitamin and high dietary fiber, of which high dietary fiber is its effective nutrient. Konjac is the most excellent dietary fiber that is available to be developed deeply. The refined konjac flour processed from konjac through physical methods is known as the “Oriental Magical Flour” and has the following functions:  


Weight-loss: With extremely low calorie, it will not put on weight while sufficiently satisfying people’s eating pleasure, so it is possible to reap the ideal effect of weight-losing without deliberate dieting.

Defecation: Its affluent glucomannoglycan gum can effectively stimulate the intestinal walls, thus having immediate defecation effects. So it is renowned as the “intestinal scavenger and iron broom”. By this way, the body would be re

Moistening the Intestines and Stomach:  A large quantity of soluble plant cellulose in it can enhance the gastrointestinal motility, and reduce the retention time of toxic substances in the stomach and intestines as well as gall-bladder, thus effectively protecting the intestinal mucosa and cleaning the stomach wall.


Disease Prevention: It has been sufficiently verified by medical science that the natural glucomannoglycan gum can inhibit cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, dilate blood vessels and prevent such cardio-cerebro-vascular diseases as aarteriosclerosis, so it has a sound effect of promoting longevity.

Prevention of Diabetes: It has been proven by medical science that the plant cellulose in konjac can increase the insulin in the blood and reduce blood sugar, thus it has adjuvant effects of controlling and preventing diabetes.   

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